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Dragon age inquisition patch 1.12 downloaden pc

dragon age inquisition patch 1.12 downloaden pc

Capacity. Xbox One Fixed unnecessary online connection popup at game launch PS4 Fixed an issue which could cause the game to become unresponsive when losing connection while joining a full Multiplayer session. Fixed an issue that could prevent the Inquisition Banner Crown from unlocking if players collected the headpiece from the Storm Coast before capturing the keeps. Fixed issue that could result in the opt-in conversation UI continuing to be displayed if players opted out very quickly as the UI was starting to be displayed. Es konnte vorkommen, dass Alistairs Kodexeintrag nicht freigeschaltet wurde.

Ein Problem wurde behoben, das bei Verwendung der Taktischen Ansicht den Fortgang des letzten Kampfes in "Eindringling" verhinderte. Fixed an issue where some requisitions tracked incorrect ingredients. Fixed an issue when using Reset Ability Points with a full inventory. Viele Spieler hatten angemerkt, dass die Abfolge der Bilder und der dazugehörigen Texte im Abspann des DLC viel zu schnell erfolgt. Ist der Spieler im Kampf gefallen, konnte es bei einer unvollständigen Gruppe vorkommen, dass die Kamera nicht zu einem Begleiter gewechselt ist.

Console-specific PS4 Fixed a crash when playing while installing relating to the Flames of the Inquisition items. Spirit Blade now costs more and does less damage to Barriers and Guard in multiplayer. Patch 9 (Aug 10, 2015) Edit Fixed an issue where resetting options of any category could also reset the game difficulty. Es konnte vorkommen, dass Brontos keine Kreaturenforschungsobjekte hinterlassen haben. Fixed case where users could get stuck loading a save in a certain dragon combat area. Fixed an issue that could trap the player on the first island in the final fight of the game. Improved appearance of ledge drop-downs in multiplayer. Fixed allied mage AI so they did not dispel targets that the player had frozen. Es konnte vorkommen, dass das Tor im Dorf Redcliffe geschlossen blieb.

Fixed a case where the Quarry Quandry quest could be prevented from being completed. The stun will now be shorter.